What are the erp modules


1. Your uncle, Albert, owns a local bicycle shop, Bert's Bike. (Please note that Bert's Bike business model is very similar to Clarksville Schwinn http://www.clarksvilleschwinn.com/ (Links to an external site.))
Bert's Bike currently utilizes Quickbooks, an accounting software, for record keeping, auditing, and tax purposes. The rest of the operations, including inventory and service records, are completed manually by hand. The shop floor has a computer that employees can use to access manufacturers' websites for product specifications and price lists. All inventory is kept on paper files and in a manual log book.

Your uncle has heard about ERP software and how it can "transform businesses and provide a competitive advantage." One day, at a family gathering, you mentioned that you're taking an ERP class at IU Southeast. Uncle Bert had a few questions for you about the ERP project that he has in mind and wondered if he could learn more about ERP from you. Would you recommend that Uncle Bert use an ERP software for his bicycle shop? Why or why not? Please explain your answer.

2. You mentioned that ERP software is a database. However, uncle Bert has a hard time understanding the database concepts and would like you to give examples of relational database tables.

In the space below, please provide examples of

• TWO related database tables appropriate for Uncle Bert's bike shop. Each table should have at least five fields.
• Include primary key in each table and foreign key as appropriate
• Indicate whether the relationship is one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many

Note: you may use the Table button to insert table or type the table structure in this format (To help me distinguish the fields, please underline the primary key and italicize the foreign key)

TABLE_NAME (PrimaryKey, Field1, Field2, ..., Fieldn, ForeignKey)

3. What are the ERP modules you think Uncle Bert would need for Bert's Bike? Please explain your answer.

4. You agreed to help Uncle Bert conduct some research on ERP software options. Please use the Internet to search for TWO potential ERP vendors appropriate for Bert's Bike.
Please include the following information for each software option (12 points):

• Software name, features, and modules
• Vendor, e.g., tier 1, 2, or 3
• Technology platform, e.g., on-premise, on demand

Then include at least a paragraph on which software you would recommend and provide support/rationale for your recommendation. (4 points)

Please present your finding in a memo format addressed to the owner of Bert's Bike.

To help with grading, please type your answers in a Word Document and upload the file to this question.

5. As a result of the ERP implementation, please explain how Bert's Bike business process would change (clean slate reengineering, technology-enabled reengineering, or business process improvement). Please provide support to your answer.

6. Uncle Bert decided to go with the ERP system you recommended. What ERP implementation strategies would you use for this ERP project (e.g., phased, big bang, or parallel)? Please briefly describe the concepts of the recommended implementation strategy and explain why you recommend this method.

7. Based on the ERP system you recommended, what type of software license costs should Uncle Bert expect to pay? please explain your answer.

8. What should be Uncle Bert's role on this project? Please explain your answer.

Please list 4 other people you think should also participate in this ERP project. For each person, please briefly explain their role.

9. Uncle Bert thought that implementing the new ERP system would be similar to upgrading the accounting software or purchasing a new computer. Please explain the term "change management" and describe to Uncle Bert regarding what he should be prepared for when it comes to the "soft stuff" to ensure that the ERP project goes smoothly.

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