What are the criteria used to decide the issues for example

Pick a legal topic we are studying and area within that topic. For example, Employment Law (topic), sexual harassment (area). [At this point, I advise you to read a (at least semi-legal) article on the area, which will help you identify issues. For example, Google "sexual harassment in the workplace". You may also want to Google "employment law issues 2016" (or for any year).]

Then identifying 1-3 legal issues in that area. For example, in sexual harassment (SH), you could pick any of the issues discuss at http://apps.americanbar.org/abastore/products/books/abstracts/5190452%20intro_abs.pdf. (It is long, but start at page 7 and skim until you see interesting issues. Also other types of workplace harassment are discussed.)

Discuss the 1-3 issues you identified AND why they are issues (because there are gray areas!). For example:

The work environment may be a factor, where comments made at a construction site are not SH, but would be in an office setting. What test is used? (Remember, the Zippo standard (p. 83 of the text)?)

What are the criteria used to decide the issues. For example, in SH, the comment must be "offensive". What does "offensive" mean? Discuss how it is determined that a comment is "offensive".

Make a workmanlike attempt to use the language and terms applicable to your issues. If you want to use a title, make it meaningful (not a basic description)


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Business Law and Ethics: What are the criteria used to decide the issues for example
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