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Haply Inc. contracts with Barksdale LLC to have an engine repaired. After much negotiation, the parties agree that the engine will be repaired and reinstalled at Haply's facilities in 5 days. Haply plans on losing $40,000 a day for each day the engine is not delivered after the five-day window (this is the cost for a replacement engine).

Haply tells Barksdale's representatives that if the engine is not repaired on time that bad press will cause Haply to lose a client's business totaling $3,000,000. Barksdale does not complete the contract until day 7.

It cost Haply $500 to secure the delivery of a replacement engine. The actual rental of the replacement engine cost $40,000 a day. And Haply lost the business of a client totaling $3,000,000. Haply sues Barksdale for incidental, consequential and compensatory damages. The court finds that there is a breach of contract. What are the consequential, incidental, and compensatory damages that Barksdale is liable for in this case? Be sure to define each of those terms


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