What are the competing interests involved develop and

Trade Reorganization Proposal

This Essay examines different pieces of U.S. economic legislation that to varying degrees apply extraterritorially to U.S. and foreign firms. The purpose is to assess the legislation and to consider proposals within the context of global competitiveness of U.S. firms abroad. Each essay is to discuss the legislation and actual experience under it. The presentation is to identify a specific issue and suggest a policy proposal. This should be within both a U.S. foreign policy and trade policy context as well as from the interest of the private sector in fostering competitiveness. The format of the presentation should be the following:

1- Overview.

a) Provide an overview of the problem you are addressing.

2- Legislation.

a) Provide a summary of the key provisions of the governing statute.

3- Major Problems.

a) In light of actual and empirical experience identify major problems that have become apparent under the statute.

4- One Issue.

a) Select one particular issue. [This is the heart of your presentation.]

b) Describe the issue?

c) What are the competing interests involved?

1- That is corporate competitiveness and other concerns.

d) What do other countries do?

5- Policy Proposal.

a) Develop and suggest a policy proposal concerning the specific issue you are discussing.

1- Remember your proposal should flow from your assessment and analysis.

2- Discuss the pros and cons and respond to the cons with counter-arguments.

b) Indicate the impact of your proposal on both U.S. foreign and trade policies and the private sector.

The Essay shall be 10 - 15 pages double-spaced (excluding references) with citations at the end of the essay. The citations should be kept to a minimum. I am particularly interested in how you craft your arguments and proposal as outlined above.

An Executive Summary of 3-5 sentences, a 3-4 slide PowerPoint of the summary, and 4-5 links to references or sources used should be emailed to 24 hours before the scheduled class review.

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