What are the barriers or challenges to managing diversity


Create a 1500 to 2000 word (6 to 8 pages) case study research paper on the organization selected.

· Support why you think the company is managing diversity well, using data to support your position.

· If the organization is not managing diversity well, explain why - what are the barriers/challenges to managing diversity within the organization?

· What type of diversity/program/initiatives does the organization currently have; does it have a track record of managing diversity?

· If it does not have diversity initiative, what would you recommend if you were hired as an HR manger for the company? If it does have a diversity initiative, what would you improve specifically and why?

The case study should include some basic history of the company, data to support your analysis, the history of diversity issues in the organization, an assessment and evaluation of how well the company is managing.

Make sure to use a minimum of FIVE references (published after 2000), including:

  • Authoritative reference materials
  • Data-based articles or books
  • Resources written by a member of the relevant population (country, group, or company)
  • If appropriate interview a member of the relevant population

Evidence that you have read and utilized the information from the references must appear in the body of the paper. You may also gather information from experts and professionals who are knowledgeable about the issue you have chosen. You may conduct telephone interviews, surveys or in person interviews.

Papers must be double spaced.

Papers will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Thoroughness
  • Comprehension of the subject matter
  • Organization and logic; flow of ideas
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Adherence to APA format

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