What are peer-reviewed sources


1. This is an example of a:
Most students report their dishonesty when they are cheating in college (Staats, Hupp, & Hagley, 2008).
• Both
• Neither
• Direct quotation
• Paraphrase

2. What information is included in the parenthetical citation of a direct quote?
• The last name and the initials of the first name of the author, and the year of publication
• The last name(s) of the author(s) and the month of publication, and nothing else
• The last name of the author, the year of publication, and the page for the quotation
• The last name(s) of the author(s) and the year of publication, and nothing else

3. Which of these is not a rule of thumb to avoid plagiarism when doing research?
• Keep track of all information necessary to document the source.
• Write text from the source in your own words as paraphrased material.
• Use quotation marks in your notes whenever the text is copied from the source.
• Keep the source open to see the quotation while you paraphrase the content.

4. Incorrectly citing a source so a reader is not able to locate the source is an example of what type of plagiarism?
• It is not plagiarism
• Unintentional
• Fiscal
• Intentional

5. This is an example of a:

According to Staats, Hupp, & Hagley: "Academic honesty is under-researched in contrast to academic dishonesty.A majority of students self-report cheating in college. A low probability of punishment is reflected by few tried cases of academic misconduct" (2008, p. 357).
• Both
• Direct quotation
• Neither
• Paraphrase

6. What are peer-reviewed sources?
• Student's work being reviewed by peers or classmates in his or her Learning Team
• Sources that have been edited by the friends and family of the author or authors of the source
• Data and information reviewed by the experts in the field prior to publishing
• Journal articles picked by the student and reviewed by the student's peers

7. When creating a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, a student uses an image from a website in the presentation. To avoid plagiarism, the student must include a reference for this image.
• True
• False

8. The quotation marks for a direct quote should be placed at the beginning of the sentence and after the parenthetical citation of the sentence.
• True
• False

9. When citing a source with six authors, list the last names of each author in the in-text citation.
• True
• False

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