What are culture behavior that marketer try to exploit today

Assignment: Consumer Behavior Analysis

The impact of culture is so natural and automatic that its influence on behavior is usually taken for granted. An example here would be when consumer researchers ask people why they do certain things, they typically answer, "Because it's the right thing to do."

This seemingly superficial response partially reflects the ingrained influence of culture on our consumer behavior. Quite often, it is only when we are exposed to people with different cultural values or customs - such as when visiting a different region or a different country -- that we become more aware or informed of how culture has molded our own consumer behavior.

A true appreciation of the influence that culture has on our life requires some knowledge of other societies with different cultural characteristics. To understand why most Americans brush their teeth twice a day with flavored toothpaste requires some awareness that members of another society either do not brush their teeth at all or do so in a distinctly different manner than we do.

1. Why is the study and understanding of cultural variances so vitally important to marketers?

2. What are some culture behaviors that marketers try to exploit today?

3. I sometimes wonder about the current state of customer service in the airline industry (especially when I travel for work). To be specific, I've noticed, along with several others, a steady decline in customer service with some airlines over the past few years. We have also seen some prominent stories in the media and social networks where some customers were not treated well. My question is, can a loyalty/rewards program overcome recent negative customer service issues with some of these airlines?

4. I wonder if it makes sense for the parent company to place its name on all of its product and service offerings. For example, Walmart unveiled an ebook service. It's similar to Audible and I downloaded the app. However, I wonder if most consumers would even give Walmart a thought when first searching for aebook or digital audio book? What do you think?

Some brands like to branch out into other area unrelated to their core product -- especially if the competition field is nonexistent or weak. They believe they can be successful in areas that lie outside of their product offering. For example, did you know that not long ago Frito-Lay, a company known for making salty snacks, actually introduced a powdery, sweet refreshment called Frito-Lay Lemonade? There was also Ben-Gay aspirin, Cracker Jack Cereal and Smucker's Premium Ketchup.

Why were these products a failure?

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Marketing Management: What are culture behavior that marketer try to exploit today
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