What action or policy had the greatest long term impact

History Discussion Assignment

Watch the youtube video- "The 1970's"

Read- Ch. 30 Nixon and the Revival of Conservatism and "Peace with Honor": Ending the Vietnam War p. 1385-1400.

Watch the youtube video- "The Regan and Bush Presidencies"

Read- Ch. 31 The Rise of Ronald Reagan and the Regan Revolution p. 1423-1435.

Watch the youtube video- "Clinton, Bush and Obama"

Read- Ch. 32 The Clinton Presidency 1462-1473, and Ch. 32 Second Term Blues p. 1484-1488.

This discussion forum has two objectives: (i) stimulate thinking about historical skills; (ii) ) generate informed discussion about section five topics. You are advised to complete the following reading before you attempt to participate in the discussion board:

Tindall, George Brown, and David E Shi. America. Print., Ch. 31 The Presidency of George H. W Bush p. 1447-1455.

You should cite the text in your substantive contributions to the discussion questions, together with other resources that you are referred to, and any other quality academic sources that you wish to adduce in support of your postings. A "substantive contribution" is written in formal academic style (with citations) and makes an original contribution to the discussion by engaging with the views of other students and the academic literature on the subject.

Question: Looking at the Presidency of George H.W Bush what action or policy had the greatest long term impact and where does this impact show itself?

The response should include a reference list. Double-space, using Times New Roman 12 pnt font, one-inch margins, and APA style of writing and citations.

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History: What action or policy had the greatest long term impact
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