What access rights would you give to friends advertisers

Task 1:

In a social network, what access rights would you give to friends, advertisers, researchers, etc.? What access rights would you give to the friends of your friends? Make sure to identify every possible entity that would like access to your personal information and draw an Access Control Matrix to describe this. Consider creating a separate column for each feature/function within the site in which you want different access rights for.

Task 2:

Now, select a social media platform you use regularly and have connections (friends). Research what is their access control policy (and practice) and draw it in an Access Control Matrix. Make sure to include everything you learn to include not only connections, friends, but advertisers, vendors, and anyone else the social network organization allows to see your information.

Task 3:

Compare the two Access Control Matrixes that you created for tasks 1 & 2. Are the two matrixes similar or different? Explain the differences, if any, and what you learned by your research findings. Based on your findings, would you change the way you post or use the social media platform you chose for task 2?

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Management Information Sys: What access rights would you give to friends advertisers
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