Wha trole do your values play in partner selection


Question #1 : Would you use, or have you used an online service?

In chapter 7 of your textbook, a number of theoretical views are described which are thought, in part, to account for how people selected the partners with whom they fall in love. They include proximity, similarity, reciprocity, physical attractiveness, among other variables. Online dating services use proprietary algorithms to match prospective couples in search of a " true love"" or "soul-mate." Even though research suggests that while sometimes expensive the chances of meeting a partner this way are no greater than other venues.
Note:You can use the link to answer this question and read this book "Chapter 7" Book: Crooks, R. and Baur, K (2015) Our Sexuality( 13 th Edition). Wadsworth Group: Pacific Grove, CA. (THIS QUESTION REQUIRES TWO PARAGRAPHS)

Question#2: Whatrole do your values play in partner selection?

Others turn to family and friendship networks to meet potential partners for dating and hope of marriage or forming a life-long partnership. Professional matchmakers provide services, as well. Additionally, classified ads in newsprint and online are among other venues. (TWO PARAGRAPHS FOR THIS QUESTION) The same book will provide you answers.

Question #3: How did you determine your compatibility?

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