Wacc based on book-market and target capital structures

Case Scenario:

Bolster Foods' (BF) balance sheet shows a total of $25 million long-term debt with a coupon rate of 8.50%. The yield to maturity on this debt is 8.00%, and the debt has a total current market value of $27 million. The balance sheet also shows that the company has 10 million shares of stock, and the stock has a book value per share of $5.00. The current stock price is $20.00 per share, and stockholders' required rate of return, rs, is 12.25%. The company recently decided that its target capital structure should have 35% debt, with the balance being common equity. The tax rate is 40%. Calculate WACCs based on book, market, and target capital structures. What is the sum of these three WACCs?

a. 32.00%    

b. 30.77%    

c. 33.28%    

d. 29.54%    

e. 28.36%    

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Finance Basics: Wacc based on book-market and target capital structures
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