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  Views of riggs on the society-administration relationship

Question 1: Examine the views of F.W Riggs on the Society-Administration relationship.

Question 2: ‘State’s role requires to be examined in the context of its Liberal and Marxist perspectives’. Discuss in detail.

Question 3: Describe the Neo-liberal Perspective of State.

Question 4: ‘The nature of social participation is ever changing’.  Describe.

Question 5: Answer the given questions in 200 words each:

a) Concept of Hind Swaraj.                                                                     
b) Citizen’s Charter.

Question 6: Examine the role of Bureaucracy in the policy monitoring and analysis.

Question 7: Write a brief note on the nature and characteristics of good governance.

Question 8: Describe the meaning of Ethics, underlying its ‘foci’ and ‘loci’.                                                      

Question 9: Answer the given questions in 200 words each:

a) Concept of New Public Management.                                                                                        
b) Business Process Engineering.  

Question 10: The solution to governance challenges lays in the civil society movements. Discuss it.


Views of riggs on the society-administration relationship

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Course: Management Theories

Ref. No:- TGS02133

Length: 4000 words

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