Using the given reading material find two different


Using the given reading material find two different sources to write Sentence-Word-Phrase paper on the following instructions.
Learners will directly quote the Sentence, Phrase and Word in their papers and will provide an explanation for each.

a) Select a Sentence that was meaningful to you, that you felt captures the core idea of the readings.

b) Select a Phrase that moved, engaged or provoked you. A phrase may be a few words or you may include a passage. There is no length minimum or maximum here.

c) Select a Word that captured your attention or struck you as powerful.
If using our course books a formal citation is not needed but please provide specific identifying information such as the essay title, author and page numbers for all quoted material.

If using outside materials, sources from the Resources page for example, please cite using the Chicago Style.

Learners will submit their SPW in a document submitted to the TurnItIn.

Learners will write with effective organization and use proper spelling and grammar mechanics.

Note: See the attached example paper for the format and write 1-2 page paper on the instructions given below. Your answer must be 100% original.

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