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  Uses and ill effects of microorganisms in food industry  

Section A-Descriptive Questions

Question1) Briefly explain the uses and ill effects of microorganisms in food industry.

Question2) Explain the various hazards and recent concerns of food safety.

Question3) a) Explain stages of bacterial growth.

b) Enumerate the factors affecting growth of microorganisms in food.

Question4)a) Explain spoilage of the following foods:

(i) Poultry and poultry products

(ii) Cereals and cereal products

b) Give classification of food borne diseases and give suitable examples under each category.

Question5) a) Describe briefly naturally occurring toxicants in plants foods.

b) Enumerate the different types of environmental food contaminants.

Question6) a) Explain food additives?

b) Explain the applicability of the following food additives in food industry

(i) Preservatives

(ii) Food colours

c) Briefly describe safety issues linked with use of food additives.

Question7)a) Define and classify food adulterants.

b) Briefly describe the harmful effects of food adulterants.

Question8)a) Differentiate cleaning agents and disinfectants / sanitizers used to maintain hygiene in the food service establishment. Give suitable examples.

b) What measures will you advocate to minimize hazards associated with staff/workers working in the food service establishment?

Question9)a) Name the types of packaging used for different food products and briefly describe environmental issues related with some of these packaging.

(b) What is HACCP? What does it involve? Explain the context of its seven principles.

Question10) Explain the following food regulations/agreements in area of food standardization and quality control.

(i) Essential Commodities Act, 1955.

(ii) Voluntary based product certification.

(iii) Technical Barrier to Trade. (TBT)

Section B -OTQ (Objective Type Questions)

Question. 1) Describe the following briefly in 2-3 sentences each:


(ii) ISO

(iii) Codex Alimentarius

(iv) CCP decision tree

(v) Risk Analysis

(vi) BIS

(vii) GRAS

(viii) NOAEL

(ix) Ergotism

(x) Listeriosis

Question.2) Differentiate the following sets of terms:

a. Nutrition labeling-Nutrition claims.

b. Controlled Atmosphere Packaging (CAP)-Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

c. Street foods-Temporary food service.

d. Mycotoxins-Mycotoxicosis

e. Canning -Sterilization

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