Ung information from your poster plus any other

The Effects of Labour Market of Footballers

Project A:

Transfer Fees of players in The English Premier League.

Word Limit: 1000 words.

Using information from your poster (will be attached in another message, as there's no attachment option in the first message!), plus any other information you may wish to add, write an essay analysing what has been happening to player transfer fees, dealing with the FOUR elements:

a) The Labour Market for footballers, and relevant supply and demand factors in this market, using examples to illustrate your points (we would expect labour supply and demand diagrams and marks will be lost if these are not used)

b) The effect of broadcasting revenue

c) The influence of ownership of the football clubs

d) Any other factors which are relevant

You should comment on how you tackled the point in the poster, giving details of the point (eg not just, "we did this in the right corner of the poster" but "the rise in fees was discussed on the poster and highlighted that fees for Premier League footballers had risen by... "). So your essay has to answer the question.

Find attached a chart that needs to be within the text, with giving an example of a player. Whether F. Torres as in the poster or any other.

Source (E-Book): Competition Policy in Professional Sports "Europe After the Bosman Case". By Stephan Késenne, Claude Jeanrenaud 1999.

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International Economics: Ung information from your poster plus any other
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