Type of control used in government organizations

Problem 1: Government organizations tend to seem more bureaucratic than for-profit organizations. Could this partly be the result of the type of control used in government organizations? Explain.

Problem 2: What is the harm in being bureaucratic? Private companies operate under much and needless control according to the whims of the man at the top. They also function under various kinds of control - both owners as well as governmental. And yet they are able to falsify their accounts and financial statements. If it is revealed they immediately run to the government for help on the grounds that if the company fails so many workers will be rendered un-employed. This virus may spread to other organizations and then the government is blackmailed into diverting tax payers' money in helping them survive and retain employment situation.

Problem 3: Exactly the same thing happened on the on set of economic decline during President Bush's regime when he was forced to bail out automobile industry, major banks, construction companies etc. Where was the efficient control of dynamic stakeholders of these organizations?

Problem 4: On the whole it is a myth that private organizations run more efficiently than government. Bureaucracy must be regarded as a form of management set up. Many a bureaucrats have proved themselves outstanding business leaders and manager.

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Other Management: Type of control used in government organizations
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