Total quality management and logistics management

Question 1: What are the main steps in the TQM implementation Program for Balbridge winners?

Question 2: What is the difference according to Drucker between TQM and Zero Defects?

Question 3: Write brief notes on:

a) Activity Analysis.
b) Benefits of JIT.
c) Benchmarking.
d) Reengineering.

Question 4: Select a product or service and list four or five characteristics which you as a consumer would want and expect? Based on your experience do you think that the firm will deliver?

Question 5:

a) What is EDI and what are the derived advantages through its implementation?
b) What do you mean by Inventory Management and how it is associated with logistics management?

Question 6:

a) What is WIP Inventory and how it is distinct from Normal Inventory?
b) What are major functions of Warehousing?

Question 7: Write brief notes on:

a) Bill of Entry.
b) Advantages and Disadvantages of Centralized stores.
c) Guidelines for stores layout.
d) Material Handling Equipment.

Question 8:

a) What is Bar Coding?
b) What do you mean by codification and how do we monitor the Codification system?

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