This research assignment will give further information on

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This research assignment will give further information on the nature and workings of multi-tasking and multi-processing operating systems.

All information reported in this assignment is to be in the own words of the student. Plagiarism from websites and other sources will not be tolerated.

Small quotes can be cited as appropriate, but no copying and pasting of large sections of text can be done. It is a violation of the university's academic integrity rules to plagiarize in any way.

The document should be 2 pages in length References and a title

The first few paragraphs will be a discussion of the differences and similarities between Unix and Linux.

The student will then research a few (at least 2 for each) implementations of each multi-user, multi-processing operating system and report on these.

Information for each implementation should include such items as name (such as Ubuntu), popularity of use, approximate cost if any for a license for 10 users, history of its development, etc.

This document is to be professional in nature; and points will be awarded based on such aspects as spelling, grammar, appearance, and content/completeness.

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Operating System: This research assignment will give further information on
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