This project is designed to provide an opportunity to apply

Go to page 361 of Managing in the Global Economy ( and read the exercise - "Managing in the Global Economy: A Field Exercise. then complete Part 2.

Staffing Plan Community Relations Overview

This project is designed to provide an opportunity to apply what you have learned throughout the semester. It involves the completion of a two-part research project focusing on identifying a suitable new plant location for a company (Part 1) and then considering how you would prepare yourself to run this new plant (Part 2). Completing this project will require research and analysis, as well as reflection and introspection. The end result will be two papers that apply what you have learned to a real company doing business globally.

In Part 2, assume that your company has agreed with your site recommendation. Construction will begin shortly, and you have been asked to move to the new location to oversee the construction. Once the new facility is complete, you will take over as its first managing director. You should plan to be there for about three years. You will begin your assignment immediately and must be prepared to leave for the new site in 90 days. Upon arrival, you will need to hire a competent workforce - both workers and local area managers - to staff the facility. Moreover, as managing director, you will be responsible both for a successful start-up and for subsequent operations of the entire facility. This will be a good career move for you, as long as you succeed. As you approach this new assignment, however, it is important that you be fully prepared.

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Operation Management: This project is designed to provide an opportunity to apply
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