Theory of the multinational enterprise


Question 1.‘whistle Hymer's "advantage" theory of the multinational enterprise is now outdates, his "removal of conflict" theory of the multinational enterprise has retained much of its relevance'. Explain and discuss.

Question 2. Discuss and explain the outsourcing and offshoring revolution by drawing on traditional IB theory ( Hymer) and its further development Explain and discuss.

Question 3. "Dunning's OLI framework is really only a framework and not a theory. It does not help much these days, as in view of globalization differences in location advantages between countries are fading into oblivion" Explain and discuss.


Consider how would you respond to essay question. How to write an introduction, (justify the ‘interest' i.e. phenomenon and the ‘theoretical gap', explain the concepts either here or in the main paragraphs) and then main paragraphs where you respond to the question from all the important view points and justify your arguments with analysis, and examples (such as company example), and conclusions where you synthesise the arguments and provide a meaningful summary what you have done, and maybe what should be done in the future as well.

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Business Management: Theory of the multinational enterprise
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