Theory in current organizations

Discuss the below within a word limit of 250 words:

The article review is a process for researching the application of the theory in current organizations.  You will review the current literature to discover how and where the theory discussed each week is being applied to address issues.  By current literature I do not mean to limit you to academic peer reviewed journals.  Rather, think broadly by exploring the local, national, and international press, business publications, and general interest publications.  The goal is discover new and creative ways in which organizations are addressing their human resource capital needs.


Article (what was it about, what were the key issues and what were the results) in an executive summary fashion


What is the problem, issue or debate discussed in the article? What were the major theoretical and practical aspects of the problem, issue, or debate, in terms of the class subject?

What did you learn? What conclusions were validated by this article, and what is the overall contribution to our field.

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Other Management: Theory in current organizations
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