The types of white-collar crimes


Review Questions

Question 1. What are the two types of white-collar crimes?

Question 2. What are three of the four types of occupational crime? Describe each type.

Question 3. What is pilferage? Why do people engage in this activity?

Question 4. What is organized crime? What typical activities are included in organized crime?

Question 5. What is a public order crime? Give at least one example of a public order crime in your answer.

Critical Thinking Questions

Question 1. Why do you think society and the media focus on street crimes rather than white-collar crime given the financial costs of the latter?

Question 2. Scholars have suggested several ways of better controlling organized crime than were discussed in the unit. If you were given the task of controlling organized crime, what would you choose to do (you can discuss some of the ideas from scholars or your own ideas)? Why do you think this would reduce organized crime?

Question 3. Why do you think people steal from their employers? Do you think that taking home small, inexpensive items from an employer is acceptable? Why or why not?

Question 4. Why do you think companies engage in corporate crime? Do you think that society should be doing more about corporate crime? Why or why not? What measures could be taken to reduce corporate crime?

Question 5. Do you think some illegal drugs should be legalized? Why or why not? Do you think there is a drug crisis? Why or why not?

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Microeconomics: The types of white-collar crimes
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