The topic name and important security issues

A. The topic name and important security issues (vulnerability issues, or mission goals/conflicts issues, or legal/liability issues),
B. Recommended policy controls, and
C. How or why human factors can influence the effectiveness of each recommended policy control.

Hint: To improve chances for a higher score, construct an outline of the questions asked before starting any research or writing. The outline is not submitted, but it should be used to help create the TOC. The Introduction should demonstrate that a careful outline was done before writing, and the introduction should also preview the content of the research paper. 

Choose FOUR topics from the list below. 
Topics List: 
1. Zero Day Exploits employed for economic or military advantage
2. Cyber Crime, Cyber Terrorism and threats to SCADA systems
3. Private sector businesses compliance with government IT security regulations to protect national security
4. Meta-Data collected and used by the Private sector and Public sector
5. Vulnerability assessments for Mobile Devices in the BYOD environment
6. Threats to copyright and ownership of intellectual property
Length 12-14 pages. 

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