The journal prompt as you watch rear window be aware of a

Question: Analysis of the mise-en-scène in Rear Window

Preparing for the Journal: Read and review the "CH 05 Screening Checklist" (provided at the bottom of this unit) to help you focus your eye and analytic tools on mise-en-scene. The tutorial "Composing the Frame" is also an essential resource for approaching this prompt.

The Journal Prompt: As you watch Rear Window... be aware of a stand-out moment (one shot or short sequence) - consider a moment that evokes a strong emotional response from you -- and analyze that moment focused on the filmmakers' use of mise-en-scène. Use the "CH 05 Screening Checklist" to help guide and focus your analysis - you don't need to answer all of the checklist questions or incorporate every element and aspect of mise-en-scène in your analysis. You can focus your analysis on any one or more of the "CH 05 Screening Checklist" questions. Keep your analysis focused on mise-en-scène (on the visuals rather than the sound), and edit/focus your analysis within the targeted word count.

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Other Subject: The journal prompt as you watch rear window be aware of a
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