The impact of technology on the company

Discuss the below in 400 words:

You have the chance of being employed in a management role in a major corporation-select one and review the general information about the corporation. You have made it through a series of interviews and now it is down to you and one other candidate. In order for Senior Management to make the final determination both candidates have been given the following task.

Make a report on a corporation of your choice. The report should have three clearly identified sections

Part 1:

Comment on the issues listed below:

• The founders of the corporation and whether they would be classed as Entrepreneurs

• The leadership style

• The impact of technology on the company

Part 2:

• Comment on what impact economic cycles have had on the corporation.

Part 3:

• Comment on whether the Pension Fund you would be joining if you are given the position should consider investing in the corporation you have analyzed.

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