The following questions test your ability to analyze

The following questions test your ability to analyze writing. Some questions refer to passages, while other questions are self-contained. For each question, choose the best answer.

(1) I'm sure you will agree that sea horses are one of the most interesting sea creatures to inhabit the waters. (2) But, did you realize that sea horses are members of the fish family? (3) There is one major difference that sets sea horses apart from other fish, however, and that is their layer of bony plates. (4) Sea horses do not have scales like fish but have a tough layer of bony plates that are just like a suit of armor. (5) The tails of sea horses are another interesting part of their bodies. (6) The eloquently curled tail is not only beautiful to look at, but it also serves a useful purpose. (7) Sea horses can grasp tightly onto a blade of sea grass, which anchors the male while he rocks and shakes in order for his pouch to expand to allow newborn sea horses to be released. (8) That's right! The male sea horse is the one who holds the eggs for two to six weeks until the baby sea horses are born.

In context, "eloquently" (sentence 6) most nearly means:

  • fluently
  • expressively
  • forceful expression
  • articulate
  • clarity

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