The effect of photoperiod on foaling breeding on foal heat

Complete a 1000 word popular press paper. Popular press articles are similar to those that would be in magazines. It mas be typed, doubled spaced, 1 inch margins, and in a 12 point font. Please use at least 3 references with a min of one credible internet source. Make sure you cite your reference for full credit (author, source, title, data printed). References should be on a separate page with a heading. Failure to use proper grammar, spelling and or failure to follow directions will result in significant reduction in points.

This paper must incorporate some aspect of equine production and management. Ask yourself... "would this information help someone in the industry?" there is a lot of freedom within this paper, so try to find something that interests you. topics can include but are not limited to:

The effect of photoperiod on foaling, breeding on foal heat. etc

Factors that affect stallion fertility

Factors that affect mare fertility

Poisonous plants commonly found on horse property

ways to predict foaling dates (what method did you use?)


Dystocia(cause, prevention and future problems)

Equine Cloning

Caslick sutures

Correcting foal conformation abnormalities

Caring for the orphaned foal

Inheritable diseases.

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Biology: The effect of photoperiod on foaling breeding on foal heat
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