Summarize the impact of the neolithic revolution


Summarize the impact of the Neolithic revolution with the Aztez civilization and their characteristics of Food surplus, population, social stratification, government, labor, record keeping, and monumental works. Choose three of these characteristics and assess how they are manifested in your chosen civilization. Attached reference sources to be cited, if unable to located let me know. Do not cite any other sources and all work must be cited.

In your paper:

• Describe one of the civilizations from the list provided (i.e., location, environment, and relevant history of the civilization).
• Explain how the Neolithic revolution contributed to the origins of your chosen civilization.
• Summarize three of the characteristics of civilizations and assess how they are manifested in your chosen civilization.
• Provide supporting archaeological evidence that those characteristics manifested within your chosen civilization.
• Explain the factors that led to the downfall of the chosen civilization.

All work must be college level grammar and sentence structure with 1200 word count.




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Humanities: Summarize the impact of the neolithic revolution
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