Success factors and risks


Create a financial analysis and projection report

Your financial analysis and projection report must include the following critical elements:

I. Executive Summary.

Clearly and concisely summarize your principal findings, projections, and recommendations with an eye to persuading busy executives to support your ideas and to read further.

II. Approach.

Provide your intended audience with a solid, but brief, sense of the parameters of your analysis and who else you would consult in refining it further and why. Remember, your goal is to convince readers of the validity of your observations, while recognizing limitations that affect business decisions.

III. Financial Performance and Health.

A. Organizational Context

B. Recent Financial Performance

C. Current Financial Health

IV. Success Factors and Risks.

V. Projections. Based on what you know about the organization's financial health and performance, forecast its future performance.

VI. Business opportunities.

VII. Recommendations.

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Business Management: Success factors and risks
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