State the product and brand

Remembering an advertisement is great, but does the viewer connect that with the brand name? Recall is an important aspect of purchase intention.

To measure how well a nationally branded product is doing with regard to consumer recall, you will complete a study of your choice.

Select a Branded product (target product) that is not geared toward a specific gender market.

1. State the Product & Brand

2. Create a 3-question survey that includes:

a. A gender question
b. A recall question
c. A Likert Scale Question on Recall

3. Survey 5 Males & 5 Females

4. Create a PowerPoint presentation with following slides:

o Slide 1: Name of Product & its Target Gender; List of the Survey Questions & Choices

o Slide 2: Descriptive Statistics for Gender: a Pie Chart & a Frequency Table (SPSS)

o Slide 3: A Line or Bar Graph & Frequency Table of the Recall Question (SPSS)

o Slide 4: A Descriptive of the Likert Scale Question by Gender (SPSS)

o Slide 5: A Hypothesis Test that compares Recall by Gender (SPSS). Include the Null & Alternative Hypotheses and whether the Null is Rejected. (alpha =.05)

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Other Management: State the product and brand
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