State of the art broadcasting technology


CREATE A FICTIONAL ORGANIZATIONAL CHART for the company described below. SLN (SOCCER LEAGUE NETWORK) provides soccer entertainment. All 5 executives report to the CEO, while managers report to the executives ,create managerial roles and lowel level roles with titles &responsibilities attached to it.Each executive should have at least 2 managers under them.

The organizational model used at SLN will be the traditional functional structure and the  contemporary team structure (Robbins, Coulter, & DeCenzo, 2015). At SLN, all the executive vice  Management will hold  executive vice president positions responsible for separate departments. Each executive vice president  will create teams of specialized employees to complete functional goals and will be responsible for team  productivity. This model is a combination of the models listed in Robbins et al. (2015), to ensure that the  company has measurable success.

Executive 1: TV Production

Will oversee all writers, directors, and technical crews.

Responsible for streaming and broadcasting

Acquiring and maintaining state of the art broadcasting technology (Krajewski, 2013)

Executive 2 - Marketing-

Will be responsible for growing revenue,

Constant market research and sharing results with Sales department,

Communications of advertising campaigns through email, company website, tv advertising, and other effective avenues

Executive 3- Sales -

Attract new sponsorship opportunities and maintain existing ones,

Using results from marketing research to create and implement plans to attract customers

Executive 4- Finance

Book keeping of operation finances

Prepare and oversee budgets

Manage Cash Flow


Maintain relationships with banks/lenders

Executive 5

Sourcing and hiring

Benefits and competitive compensation determinations through market research

Compliance with state and federal laws


Employee relations

Workplace diversity

Executive 5 will oversee all Human Resource activities and help to build a culture and incentive  program to help keep employee motivated to reach the goals of the organization. Goals will be based on  the performance of the employee and their department. Helping to encourage and influence employees to Implementing a balanced scorecard will help to make goals for the company and allow for  managers to make individual goals for employees that feed into the scorecard and be able to drive results  this way. Using four categories, financial, customers, internal business, and learning and innovation

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Operation Management: State of the art broadcasting technology
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