Southwest method of training is an effective way

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1. Imagine you are a new employee in a human resource (HR) department. Your first task is to develop a stress management seminar for the employees. Determine the topics that should be covered in the seminar. Support your selection of the topics.

2. Develop criteria to assist in selecting the vendor to use for the training.

3. From the e-Activity, determine if Southwest's method of training is an effective way to conduct training. Support your position. Provide one recommendation for improvement.

(e-Activity: Go to the Chief Learning Officer's (CLO) Website and read the article titled "Southwest Airlines: Employee Education Takes Flight" , located at Be prepared to discuss.)

4. Compare the following training methods: presentations, case studies, simulations, and discussions. Determine which training method you believe to be the most effective and explain why

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Other Management: Southwest method of training is an effective way
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