Sources of epidemiological data


The Friis and Sellers (2018) textbook focuses on sources of epidemiological data. During this discussion, you will be evaluating one of the scholarly online sources used by epidemiologists and comparing it with another non-scholarly online source. Please do the following:

1. Review Exhibit 5-1 on pages 243-244

2. Review the website (links are in the textbook) associated with your last name as noted below:

  • Last name A-B: Agency for Health Care Research and Quality
  • Last name C-D: American Cancer Society
  • Last name E-F: American Public Health Association
  • Last name G-H: British Medical Journal
  • Last name I-J: Directory of Health and Human Services Data Resources
  • Last name K-L: JAMA Network/American Medical Association
  • Last name M-N: National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health
  • Last name O-P: National Center for Health Statistics
  • Last name Q-R: New England Journal of Medicine
  • Last name S-T: Pan American Health Organization
  • Last name U-V: The Food and Drug Administration
  • Last name W-X: U.S. Census Bureau

Last name Y-Z: World Health Organization

3. Describe the website and the key epidemiological information that is available on this site.

4. Explain what type of information would be used by epidemiologists (You may want to refer back to Week 2 and the seven uses of epidemiology found on page 57 of your textbook to help formulate your response).

5. Explain what makes this information valid and reliable for use by epidemiologists and other health professionals.

Your original post will be considered a jumping point for significant research and discussion. It should be shorter than your responses. Your original discussion should be at least 150 words. Please note that you will need much more time for your response you may want to review them early for your final postings on Day 7.

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