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  Significant features of arbitration and conciliation act

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Describe the trends of world trade highlighting the commodity composition, region wise trade and the direction of the world trade. Briefly explain different problems of developing countries.


a) Explain theories explaining emergence of Transnational Corporations in world economy.

b) Describe different issues and controversies of Transnational Corporations.


a) Explain the significant features of Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996.

b) Explain the achievements of Uruguay round of negotiations relevant to associated agreements on trade and environment.


Write difference between the following:

a) Export Sales Contract and Domestic Sales Contract

b) Utilitarianism and Formalism for resolving ethical Dilemmas.


Illustrate the following:

a) Political Environment

b) Current Account of Balance of Payments

c) International Trade and Globalization

d) India’s Trade in Commercial Services


Significant features of arbitration and conciliation act

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Course: International Economics

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