Should process and production methods


Read the case study presented of the textbook. Read both sides of the argument: "Amend the WTO" and "Process Production Methods cannot be Regulated." After you have read the case study, answer the following questions.

1) Should the WTO be amended to address the concerns of environmentalist?

2) Should Process and production methods (PPMs) be regulated?

3) What are some fallacies within the case study that you recognize?

4) What further information could be provided to help you make your decision?

Case study should be two full pages, double spaced and 12 point times roman font. The case study should be written in paragraph form. It does not require a title page or a running header: however, please use APA style citations and references.

Make sure you provide reasoning within your arguments. Any outside sources used to support your statements should be appropriately cited using APA

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Other Management: Should process and production methods
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