Should patricia dunn have been forced to resign


Patricia Dunn is with Hewlett-Packard no more. It all started with a leak; somebody was giving out important company secrets. And with all the deft Hollywood style gumshoe-esque thinking Ms Dunn hired Private Investigator Ronald DeLia to find out just who it was. The Private Investigators posed as H-P directors, as journalists, and more to root out the information. But more to the point, all you really need is a social security number and a valid zip code and you can pose as the person and hack your way in. This my friends is called pretexting.

I am NOT going to ask you if pretexting is morally acceptable. That would be way too easy. What I want to know is:

Should Patricia Dunn have been forced to resign?

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Business Law and Ethics: Should patricia dunn have been forced to resign
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