Semaphore and shared memory ipc mechanisms

Question 1: Compare the IPC functionality given by pipes and message queues. What are the merits and demerits of each? Explain in brief.

Question 2: Write a program and describe how to transfer a large amount of data between two processes using:

a) Pipes.
b) Message queues.

Question 3: Describe about FIFOS.

Question 4: Describe about system APIs for Message Queue.

Question 5: Describe similarities and dissimilarities between the semaphore and shared memory IPC Mechanisms.

Question 6: Write and describe a program to transfer large amount of data between two unrelated processes by using shared memory.

Question 6: Describe the kernel data structure for shared memory with a neat diagram. As well describe the APIs associated for making and destroying a shared memory.

Question 7: Describe with a program how to copy file data from server to client by using shared memory.

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Programming Languages: Semaphore and shared memory ipc mechanisms
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