Select and write a brief essay about an athlete


Select an athlete who is constantly in the news in connection with substance abuse allegations, or an athlete who has, in the past, tested positive for a illegal performance enhancing drug. Write a minimum THREE page essay about an athlete of your choice providing a brief background on your athlete. Include the sport they were engaged in when tests detected drugs along with the exact drugs found. If you are able to find out what tests were conducted, please include. Be as specific as possible in terms of describing the drugs found. Compose another paragraph outlining the sanctions imposed and by what governing body. Also, detail what steps the athlete took to resolve the charges. Did they retire? Did they pay fines? Did they do jail time? Because this is an official assignment, please include a title page, a reference page, and make sure your work conforms to APA formatting (title page and reference page are not counted for the three page requirement).

Examples of athletes you may want to consider include, Marion Jones (Olympic Track and Field), Tyler Hamilton (professional cyclist), Barry Bonds (baseball), among many, many others. A gymnast was disqualified in the last Olympic games because she tested positive for illegal substances used in cold medicines. Be creative, pick a sport you enjoy following, and try to keep the incident fairly current

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Other Management: Select and write a brief essay about an athlete
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