Segregation of exposures units


1. For each of the following examples of product liability cases, explain what type of defect is being alleged.

a. Liability of an off-road auto manufacturer for failing to install a roll bar to minimize injuries if the vehicle overturns. b. Liability of a baby food manufacturer for pieces of glass found inside some of the jars. c. Liability of a pharmaceutical company for side-effects of a drug.

2. What is the impact of the United States Tax Code on the amount of capital held by insurers?

3. Describe the similarities between "segregation of exposures units" and risk pooling.

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4. (a) List the six coverages provided in the Homeowner's 3 policy.

(b) Describe the difference between "named perils" and "open perils" coverage basis.

5. John's employer offers a qualified 401(k) plan and will match John's contributions up to a limit of 3% of his salary. John's salary is $20,000 and he contributes 3% the first year. Assuming that all contributions are made at the end of the year, the plan earns a 15% pre-tax return, and that John is in the 28% tax bracket, how much will he have in the plan at the end of one year? What is John's realized rate of return?

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Business Management: Segregation of exposures units
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