Roles of the local-state and federal government


The Scenario

South Florida is impacted by a Category 5 hurricane making landfall 35 miles north of Miami, producing upwards of 22 inches of rainfall in and north of Lake Okeechobee. Winds and surge from the storm damage or destroy over 750,000 structures within the 10-county most impacted area. Note that this does not include the impacts to counties northwest of Lake Okeechobee where the storm exits Florida as a Category 2.

Winds from the storm leave large amounts of debris in the canals used by the South Florida Water Management District to control water movement in South Florida, making it difficult or impossible to reduce flood waters impacting public services, the environment, businesses, citizens, and visitors. Flood waters are expected to remain for 22 days or more.

Describe the possbile roles of the local, state and federal government in this scneario. This is in regards to a disaster management course.

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Business Law and Ethics: Roles of the local-state and federal government
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