Risks of noncompliance in corporate governance

Risks of Noncompliance in Corporate Governance:

Organizations must address compliance concerns to ensure their longevity. There is a measurable amount of risk associated with falling out of compliance. The degree of risk to an organization differs from one compliance issue to another. As a team, think about the recommendations in your proposals to McBride from week three. Using these recommendations, write a 2,100-2,450-word paper in which you:

Step 1: Individually, compare and contrast the cost of staying in compliance against the possible repercussions associated with noncompliance for at least two of your recommendations. Make sure to evaluate the specific risks associated with noncompliance in each recommendation.

Step 2: As a team, conduct research in the university library to find at least three organizations that use committees within their corporate governance structure. Describe these organizations and evaluate their use of the committees to mitigate risks associated with compliance.

Step 3: As a team, explain how McBride should use committees to mitigate the risks associated with at least three of your recommendations.

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Finance Basics: Risks of noncompliance in corporate governance
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