Revolutionary leaders favored neoclassicism

France's revolutionary leaders favored neoclassicism because
A) they liked its elaborately decorated architectural styles for the home.
B) they admired its association with the Middle Ages.
C) they thought the style morally uplifting.
D) it reminded them of France's past glory under Louis XIV.

After the American Revolution, the new nation's leaders realized their democratic goals by
A) establishing universal voting rights for the entire population.
B) creating a written constitution with specific and enforceable laws.
C) placing political power in the hands of one branch of the government.
D) redistributing the land so that the poor would have a source of income.

Hegel's ideas influenced which of the following groups?
A) democrats, who shared his views on the role of people in history
B) monarchists, who believed in the divine right of kings
C) atheists, who agreed with him that spiritual forces do not exist
D) Marxists, who borrowed his concept of the dialectic operating in history

What was the major issue dividing England and her American colonies in 1776?
A) cultural differences
B) class conflicts
C) taxes and the cost of upkeep of the colonies
D) the slave trade

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