Reviewing kotler and kellers marketing insight


Answer the following questions:

1. Marketing campaigns sometimes miss the mark. Nivea launched a campaign featuring an African American male that went viral and the company was forced to issue an apology. Fleet Laboratories was forced to do the same when an ad campaign targeting different female segments offended women across the board. Has a marketing campaign ever offended you on any level? Give a specific example.

2. In what generational cohort do you belong-Millennial, Gen X, Baby Boomer, or Silent Generation? Discuss the way companies target your specific generation. Use a specific company and their marketing tool.

3. Kotler and Keller's Marketing Insight "When Less Is More" details Royal Phillips Electronics discovery that their products were difficult to use (p. 339). Discuss the last product or service you purchased that did not perform or deliver as expected, the result of your frustration, and your willingness to purchase this product again.

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Business Management: Reviewing kotler and kellers marketing insight
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