Review the video perspective of ethology on animal behavior


Review the video: The Perspective of Ethology on Animal Behavior & Learning

This video presents an overview of animal behavior from the perspective of Ethology. It presents a continuum that includes different kinds of animal behavior, ranging from innate behaviors (little or no learning) to learned behaviors. The eight different kinds of behavior and learning described in this video are identified below.

For each of these nine (9) "Review & Report" assignments, each student is asked to:

(A) For each course topic either select one of the videos in the syllabus or select another videos on that topic using a Google search. Try to keep the video(s) you select to somewhere between 5-20 minutes. Select at least one video that you will enjoy and find useful or meaningful. You may select more than One to view, but your Report should focus on only one video;

(B) for the video(s) that you select:

(1) identify the video's title and the URL;

(2) write a description of the subject m- tter in that video;

(3) describe/explain how the subject matter in the video is related to course material (e.g., textbook and lecture material);

(4) write your own thoughts about and reflections on that video.

Report Format

Each of these written "reports":

• is to be typed;

• is to use 1 inch margins;

• is to use a font that is easily readable, and either 11 or 12-point font;

*is use 1.5-line spacing (not single and not double spacing):

• is to include your name and the course topic on the top of the first page; and *leo include all information in B.1-4, above, with separate sections for B.2, B.3, and B.4.


Each assignment is worth a minimum of 15 points, and will scored using a simply analytic rubric that reflects the specifics of the assignment identified above, with 12 points for B.14, above.

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Business Law and Ethics: Review the video perspective of ethology on animal behavior
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