Review the current session of the texas legislature


1. Select a bill that is currently being heard in the current session of the Texas Legislature


b. Review both the House and the Senate. Go to BILLS on either page and you will have a list of various legislation that has been filed so far this year [NOTE: most bills have no action, few details]

2. a. A description of the legislation -- summarize what the legislation will do, what is the law now, and what are the proposed changes.

b. What is the problem or problems the legislation is trying to address, how long has this problem been present (history of the problem), has this problem been addressed before through legislation, if yes, what was the outcome.

c. Identify other agencies, networks, coalitions or other groups that might be interested in advocating for this bill and those who would advocate against this bill. What is their motivation to support for or against?


Texas Legislature

In this paper, you will choose a policy (bill) and describe the situations leading up to the policy. Specifically, you will describe the problem that the policy was intended to address, the prior treatment of the problem by the government, and the initial development of the policy.

Introduction -- Provide an introductory paragraph that summarizes the content of the paper.

Problem -- Describe the problem/issue that necessitated or preceded your policy. How widespread was the problem or issue? Identify all populations impacted by the problem, both directly and indirectly, including how they are impacted.

Prior Treatment of the Problem -- How was the problem/issue handled before your policy? Did the national government ignore the problem or leave the problem to be addressed by state or local entities? Describe any other legislation, on either the national or state level, that sought to address the same issue.

Policy Origins -- Describe how your policy originated. Who introduced and sponsored the policy? What were their motivations for sponsoring the policy? Did a person, agency, conference, or international body request that the policy be introduced?

Conclusion - Describe your position on the policy based on the research you conducted.

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