Review health and safety practices plan

Review  Health and Safety Practices Plan , Occupational Safety

1. Identify two injury or illness on-the-job issues related to your chosen company.

2. Evaluate, through research, the issues and the possible effects of those issues regarding the following:

a. Workers

b. Production

c. Management Format

3. Discuss the financial implications of the chosen organization.

4. Include a discussion on employee and employer responsibility.

5. Identify two occupational safety assessment techniques that may help you evaluate the occupational-related illness.

6.Write an occupational safety and illness prevention strategy for the identification of on-the-job illnesses and safety. You may use components of existing plans from your research; however, your plan must be customized and specific to your selected business.

The format of your paper should be APA and consistent with the guidelines.

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Other Management: Review health and safety practices plan
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