Responsibility of recruiting the needed employees


Read the Incident "Ontario Electronics expansion" and response below:

Ontario Electronics developed a revolutionary method of storing data electronically. The head of research and development, Guy Swensen, estimated that Ontario Electronic could become a supplier to every computer manufacturer in the world. The future success of the company seemed to hang on the securing the broadest possible patents to cover the still-secret process. The human resource director, Carol Kane, recommended that Swensen become a project leader in charge of developing filing the necessary patent information. Swensen and Kane developed a list of specialists who would be to rush the patent applications final Ontario Electronics' present employees. However, after a preliminary review of skills inventories and staffing levels, a list of priority recruits was developed. It required the following: An experienced patent lawyer with a strong background in electronics technology. A patent lawyer who was familiar with the and outs of the patent process and the patent office in Hull, Quebec. Twelve engineers. Three had to engineers with experience in the latest computer technology and design. Four had to be senior engineers with experience in photographic etching reduction. Five junior engineers were also requested in the belief that they could handle the routine computations for the senior engineers. An office manager, ten keyboard operators, and secretaries to transcribe the engineering notebooks and prepare the patent applications.

Q1 Assuming you are given the responsibility of recruiting these needed employees, what channels would you use to find and attract type of recruit sought?

Q2 What other actions should the human resource department take now that there is the possibility of very rapid expansion?

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HR Management: Responsibility of recruiting the needed employees
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