Research the cases involving detention of deportable aliens


Combine the two items (below) into one essay using Microsoft Word or Open Office Write.

LENGTH: 1500 words

FORMAT: APA style and legal brief

REFERENCES: Show all references, including case law

You will reflect upon "Criminal Procedure in Times of Crisis" and formulate a legal brief to the assigned prosecutor in order to answer the following question:

1. Access the article entitled "Why Should I Care That No One's Reading Dzhokhar Tsarnaev His Miranda Rights?" at, which discusses the public safety exception and potential problems without reading a terrorist Miranda warnings.

Assignment Question: Formulate a legal brief and discuss the origin of the public safety exception in Quarles. Do you believe that the public safety exception applies to grand scale terrorist acts or should be more limited to immediate public safety?

Note: In your legal brief, you may want to provide a brief background and circumstances of the case as well as a current update of the prosecution of this case in addition to answering the questions posed. Use the example of Legal Memorandum Format Sample at to include at least the expectations listed above in your presentation.

2. Research the latest cases involving detention of deportable aliens. Answer the following prompts using regular essay format:

  • Have there been any recent holdings regarding this issue?
  • Detail any notable information you found and discuss your research results in detail.
  • What is the role of state and federal law enforcement regarding detentions?

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Business Law and Ethics: Research the cases involving detention of deportable aliens
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