Research online to find 3 articles from news or


1. Research online to find 3 articles from news or professional business publications that talk about the improv - business connection.

Your search may extend to include the connection of improv &:education, academia, the corporate world, job training, etc.

Note: Do not simply pick the first few articles that show up in your internet search.

Select articles that speak to your own personal or career goals.

List the (3) three URL links to your selected articles at the top of your paper.

2. Write a 1-page paper- which includes your reflection on the following: ?Why you chose the articles that you did.

What you found interesting/surprising in the articles you read.

Why are businesses turning to improvisers to provide training in a corporate environment?

Why are you being taught improv in an academic setting?

3. (In the same document) Write one paragraph about how your exposure to live improv performances, in-class exercises, or the RoAne book (How to Work a Room) concepts - have helped you to be more comfortable with yourself in interviews, networking, or public speaking settings so far. What has helped you the most, and why?

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Financial Management: Research online to find 3 articles from news or
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