Research a global issue related to international economics


The research paper represents an in-depth investigation into a global issue related to international economics. You will identify a research thesis question on a region of the world in which you will research and report with recommendations.

1) First you will choose a region of the world you would like to research (excluding North America).

2) Next you will choose one of the global challenges below as identified by the Copenhagen Consensus.

Global Challenges (as identified by the 2015 Copenhagen Consensus)

- Governance and Institutions (Corruption) - Food Security

- Illicit Financial Flows - Conflict and Violence

- Energy - Infant Mortality and Women's Health

- Education Shortages - Infrastructure

- Nutrition (Hunger and Malnutrition) - Poverty

- Infectious Diseases - Non-communicable diseases

- Population Growth and Demography -Trade

- Water and Sanitation Shortages

Assignment Deadlines:

- Submit Research paper Prospectus . Submit a thesis question to the professor for approval. Present your thesis question identifying the region or country and the issue your thesis question and research will address.

- Research paper Outline : Submit an outline framing the content of your intended research (An appropriate outline will appear as a possible Table of Contents of your final work) and include at least 5 references that you intend to use for your paper. Make sure the references are academic/scholarly in nature. See the document on "How to Write a Good Research Paper" for more guidance.

II. Final Paper Contents

A good Academic Research Paper should have the following 5 components:

1. Title Page

2. Table of Contents

3. Abstract

4. Body of the Paper

a. Research Statement and Introduction

b. History/Context of the Problem/Issue

c. Consequences of the Problem/Issue

d. Solutions to the Problem/Issue

e. Conclusion

5. References

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